❝KisS mE oNE moR3 timE❞

This earth belongs to anyone who stops for a moment, gazes & goes on their way. ♀☯♂
Hey I am Madison 15, Australian. I can be shy, weird, random, and quirky. i like pretty much anyone unless there acting like a complete bitch


yo how much dirt you gotta throw in the ocean to make a new country


i hope someone has a secret crush on me. at least a little tiny one.like a baby sprout one…like a little drop maybe,a little syrupy drop of crushy crush baby love nectar


i’m great at guessing people’s weights here just sit on my face





the “i’m not afraid to verbally assault a middle schooler if they look at my kid the wrong way” haircut


I thought this was the “I would like to speak with a manager” haircut

it’s both.

it’s the annoying mom hair cut